Sharon the Load House Cleaning

My name is Sharon


Coming from a meticulous hard working family, my parents instilled in me those same qualities. Born in Burnaby, British Columbia I spent much of my childhood earning extra money washing the neighbor’s cars and doing odd jobs.  At the age of 15 my parents packed my brother Kelly and I up and moved to a small community in the Nicola Valley, Merritt, BC, where they had purchased a motel lovingly named "Funk's Roadrunner Motel". While still in school, I would wake up early and help my Mom clean the 11 Units until it was time to go to school. This became an evening and weekend job. I have fond memories of being a professional cleaner early in life and helping my Mom do the housekeeping; which also gave me an opportunity to grow closer to her.

While in High School, I met my future husband Steve and we are still happily together. Throughout my life I have worked full time jobs and also cleaned businesses in the evening until one day I decided to start my own cleaning business.  As a business owner I know how difficult it is to find dependable, trustworthy people who do quality work at affordable rates. I also decided to start using only all natural products to clean my customer's homes. I wanted a natural product that not only cleaned well but would leave my customer's homes smelling great. The natural cleaning products used to clean your home are made with 100% certified pure essential oils and only the best ingredients.

This couldn't happen without the support, help and love from my family. To my Son Jarrett, with much love, support and immeasurable gratitude, to my brother Kelly, my friend with love and encouragement, with special love and support from my Mom Roni, and always, always, to my husband Steve who is my tower of strength.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest thanks to my brother Kelly Funk of Kelly Funk Photography for providing the photography for my site. His website can be found here


Trustworthy, professional, and thorough! You will be amazed how your house will took, we were. We appreciate Sharon so much. She gives us more time to enjoy life as a family, minus the stress of trying to dean up after a toddler, infant, and dog.

Patrick O.


Sharon has been cleaning my house now for some time. What she does in the time that she is here is amazing. I have to very hairy dogs and it gets dirty. You don't realize just how nice it is to come home to a freshly cleaned house, until you have a clean house. And once you get it cleaned you are more conscious of keeping it that way. Definitely money well spent!! Thanks Sharon!!

Crystal Chantry