Sharon the Load House Cleaning Quote

Cleaning service quote on how and what I charge to clean your house and home in Saskatoon. Please fill out the form below to send us your questions or comments.


"Sam and I got back from Nashville yesterday to a spotless house, yet again! Thank you so much for cleaning the fridge, it looks great. And I think the towel on the couch where Hercules likes to sit is a great idea, I'd never thought of that! I'm wondering if the litter deodorizer was your idea? It could also have been Sam's mom, who was taking care of Hercules while we were away, but either way it's a good thing!

Thanks again, have a good long weekend!"

Ashley Cooper


"I have very high standards when it comes to the cleanliness of my home and Sharon consistently goes above and beyond! I'm very thankful to have Sharon clean my home because she takes pride in her work and it shows every time."

Melissa Hewison